Medical Billing

Do YOU want frequent cash-flow for your practice?

MHM Ltd is a specialist in medical healthcare billing.

Patient’s invoices are being raised every day of the week normally between 7 am and 9 am so they’re in recipient’s mailboxes right at the start of a working day.

Failure to promptly invoice costs consultant surgeons, anesthetists and other healthcare professionals lost money in terms of immediate cash and increases in shortfalls and excesses.

Delayed invoicing is a significant cause of financial hardship for any private consultant surgeon. Failure to invoice correctly also costs money.

Invoicing is not just about being punctual, it is about the clarity of information and eliminating the risk of time-consuming queries that also act as a means of deferring payment dates.




By using MHM Ltd you can be confident all your invoices have been raised and include necessary details so you’re rightfully paid for all your hard work and years of training.

MHM was working for a private ENT consultant surgeon who queried why his cash flow was very erratic.

The cause of his issue was the lack of regular accurate invoicing. In this example: invoices were only raised spasmodically throughout the month.

MHM worked with him and created a process under which invoices were raised within 24 hours of his episodes and delivered electronically via Healthcode to insurance companies.

The same process has been repeated for orthopedic surgeons, gynecologists, dermatologists, ophthalmic surgeons and many other specialisms with excellent results.

MHM exclusively uses Healthcode the UK’s leading provider of online systems and services to the private healthcare market.