Medical Coding

Are you familiar with fees paid by different medical insurance companies for the same surgical episode?

If not there is a high probability you are undercharging without knowing it!

Invoice for two different codes in the same surgical episode incorrectly and it’s easy to lose money.

Different insurance companies pay different fees from each other too!

This is precisely what was happening to an Orthopaedic Surgeon who appointed MHM to manage his billing.

Imagine this scenario – Insurance Company X may allow 100% of the higher value code and 50% of the second but Insurance company Y may allow 100% of the first but only 33% of the second.

Imagine what happens if all episodes are billed at 100% and 33%.

Immediately you’ve lost 17% of your second fee!

MHM works in a very specific business area with numerous actual example of its work. For instance, MHM was working for a private orthopedic consultant surgeon who originally called MHM to handle the collection of his accounts.

Following a review MHM quickly established the consultant surgeon was actually UNDERCHARGING FOR HIS SERVICES!

male surgeon

MHM Ltd has access to all the major private medical insurance companies and regularly checks which fees are being paid for the same procedure.

By assigning medical coding work to MHM Ltd you’re ensuring that you receive maximum rewards for your services.

MHM has resolved precisely the same issue for numerous medical professionals, orthopedic surgeons, gynecologists, ENT and consultant surgeon groups.

As we got to know his practice, it turned out that his larger issue was that he wasn’t invoicing correctly, was not invoicing on time in addition to consistently undercharging.

He didn’t have anything in place to make sure he did any of these correctly.

The issue was NOT just one of the unpaid invoices. The process of invoicing itself was causing the problem.

MHM worked with him to create a process that protected his business and made sure he got paid for his services.

Medical Healthcare Management Ltd has affiliation and is recognised by all the major private medical insurance companies including: