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Want to ensure you’re paid on time?

With the number of shortfalls/excess increasing, it’s easy to see how a private consultant surgeon can loose £’000’s.

There is only one way to ensure you get paid either by the insurance company or by a patient.

That is by phoning them.

But if telephoning the patient is the most efficient way to tackle the issue, it does not automatically follow its the easiest. It has to be done professionally.


The above case study was based on a Group of Gynaecologists who saw their overdue accounts increase dramatically. They also asked MHM to resolve the issue. Similar results have been obtained for Paediatricians, Physiotherapists and ENT Consultants.

MHM exclusively uses Worldpay to ensure debit and credit card payments are fully encrypted.


If YOU have an issue with outstanding debt or amounts due from patients please contact MHM.